Our Services

Consulting Array

  • Human Services 
  • Public Health Services
  • Employment Services
  • Entrepreneurship Services
  • First Time Home Buyer Education

Human Services

  • Addiction Counseling for Teenage and Young Adult with Substitute Abuse
  • Sexually Exploited Youth (SEY) Services
  • Community Violence Prevention Services
  • Support families for Autism and ADHD students 
  • Translating documents

Public Health Service

  • Stay Smoke-Free
  • Eat Well to Stay Well
  • Make Physical Activity a Part of Your Life
  • Know Your Blood Pressure

Employment Services

  • Resume and Cover Letter Workshops
  • Interpersonal Skills Training that Employers Value
  • Work Ethics Guidance

Entrepreneurship Consulting 

  • Business Plan Development
  • Strategic Market and Marketing Solutions
  • Operational Excellence
  • Financial Statements and Analysis

First Time Home Buyer Education


  • Minnesota Housing Finance Agency
  • Income Limit
  • Home Owner Education Class
  •  Credit  Score Counseling 
  • Down Payment Assistance Programs 
  • Buy a home vs Refinance
  • First Home Buyer Loans with Percent (%) Down








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